A convoy of several hundred trucks carrying food and fuel from the Soviet Union reached the Afghan capital virtually unscathed Saturday following a deal struck between rebels and President Najibullah.

Afghan officials said up to 600 trucks arrived from the Soviet border town of Termez and 300 more were expected Sunday.Truck drivers reported foul weather along the route down the Salang highway from the Soviet border to Kabul through territory held by Moslem rebels but only a single attack, apparently launched by a rival group not a party to the deal.

"There was only one mujahideen attack," said Abdul Fatah, a convoy organizer. He said three rockets were fired from mountains north of Kabul. One set fire to a fuel tanker, but the driver survived.

An Afghan official said Najibullah and his left-wing People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) government struck a deal with a rebel comnmander controlling Kabul Province and the Salang area to allow the convoy to pass safely.

He declined to name him but a Third World envoy said the rebel leader was most likely Ahmad Shah Massoud, the most successful mujahideen field commander in the nine-year fight against Afghan troops and the now-departed Soviet forces.