Members of the Warrenville (Ill.) Kiwanis Club say they take President Bush's reference to "a thousand points of light" seriously.

So they're sending a $100 check to the U.S. Treasury to help retire the national debt. The check was given to Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., Saturday."We're hoping this will catch fire with our fellow clubs across the land and that other organizations and individuals will join the crusade to bring our national debt under control," said David Schultz, president of the 55-member Warrenville Kiwanis Club.

"It's time for the citizens as whole to make a statement that it's not just a problem for the national Congress, but a problem for the people of the United States," Schultz said.

In a letter accompanying the check, Schultz wrote, "We can no longer sit back and wait for someone else to take care of it (the national debt). Rather, we must take action - both individually and collectively - to help solve this monumental problem."

The Warrenville Kiwanis plan to send mailings to 9,000 other Kiwanis Club chapters.

"It's the symbolism," Hastert said, acknowledging that even if every Kiwanis Club contributed a like amount, the total would fail to reach $1 million.