Paris has the Eiffel Tower and San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, and officials at Pensacola Beach, Fla., are considering their own landmark: a 10-story tall pink flamingo.

A committee of the Santa Rosa Island Authority has tentatively approved "Project Pink," a plan to transform a water tower into a huge pink flamingo like the one used as the symbol for the state lottery.George Garmon, a sales manager for Lamar Advertising Co., made the suggestion to members of the Development and Leasing Committee last week. He said it would make a fine landmark that could attract national attention.

The idea was hatched by John Erwin, a self-employed marketing consultant from nearby Gulf Breeze.

"I was walking on the beach and it suddenly occurred to me that what is currently a . . . bland, vanilla, non-descript public utility . . . could easily transform itself into a marvelous, wonderful, magical, glorious Florida pink flamingo," he said Friday.

A committee of Pensacola Beach business people who have endorsed "Project Pink" will be meeting Wednesday to consider the matter. The full Santa Rosa Island Authority will also meet to consider the proposal.

The plan calls for a bird sanctuary at the base of the bird.