After years away from the show, Richard Dawson is returning as the host of the syndicated "New Family Feud" in the fall.

There will be one big change, however - he insists he won't be kissing anybody this time around."I can't give any more kisses because since I've been off I've married. I'm the father of a beautiful little girl . . . Shannon Nicole," Dawson said. "And I have to swear the only kisses I would give would be to Mom and Shannon. Hugs, maybe - no kisses."

CRAZY FUN: Alyssa Milano ("Who's the Boss?") not only appeared in one of those awful Amy Fisher movies last year, but she appeared in the one told from Joey Buttafuoco's point of view.

And Buttafuoco's then-point-of-view, of course, was that he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing. This was, of course, before he served time in jail for the statutory rape of Fisher.

"But it was more fun for me as an actress because it portrayed her as a lunatic," Milano said.

EMPHASIZING SISKO: The producers of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" have quashed rumors that the character of Commander Sisko (Avery Brooks) would be de-emphasized this coming season.

"Absolutely not. Totally false," said creator/executive producer Michael Piller. "In fact, we are talking and have been planning to broaden the role of the commander."

Which, like the addition of a new starship, the U.S.S. Defiant, would seem to be another improvement for this steadily improving series.

"Sisko was created as a man with a past - a man who had a tragedy that he had to overcome in order to go on with his life," Piller said. "And that echo from the pilot has been coloring a great deal of what we've done with Sisko over the first two years.

"We believe it's time that he no longer lives in the past. And that we see what his agenda is - what he, as a hero, wants to accomplish in this sector and in the Gamma Quadrant. So we're going to be really emphasizing his role as a hero this season."