About five West Valley children may owe their lives to the fact that Pauline Hardle left her wallet in her truck Wednesday night.

She hadn't planned to go out of her house on 49th West Thursday morning.But she went out to retrieve the wallet and spotted a workman's pickup truck out of gear and rolling toward a cluster of children at a nearby bus stop.

Hardle yelled at a boy across the street to run and get the truck's owner, but, "I just knew after I got it out of my mouth that it wouldn't help in time."

So she started running herself. "It wasn't that it was going really fast, but it was headed for the children and it was out of control."

At least one girl - in a yellow coat, Hardle recalls - had her back to the truck and was oblivious to the commotion.

Hardle managed to catch up to the truck jump in and stop it "about five feet away from them."

The workman came running up and Hardle told him: "Now I know what it feels like to be Superman, but I can't drive a stick shift, so you're going to have to take it from here."