Investigators Friday were examining evidence obtained in an armed assault on a house believed to contain two men wanted in a Wyoming murder.

Members of Salt Lake City's special weapons team entered the home, 49 E. Gregson Ave. (3030 South), about 6:45 p.m. Thursday in search of Arlen Joe Price, 33, and Brent E. Miller, 28.The Teton County sheriff's office charged the two in the weekend slashing death and robbery of a Moran, Wyo., man.

But the dozen Special Emergency Response Team members, using sound bombs and weapons, could not find the men in the South Salt Lake house that officers described as a maze.

The frame home had material similar to garbage bags covering the front porch and holes punched out in the walls. A motorcycle frame and an acetylene torch were in the living room, and a hole in an attic awning was cut for use as a gun port, authorities said.

South Salt Lake Police Lt. Bob Gray said the layout changes every time officers are called to the home, which he said is targeted for demolition.

The two are accused of the slashing murder of Lewis Price Jr., 55, Moran, who is Price's uncle, said Dave Foster, chief inspector with the Jackson Police Department, which is assisting in the investigation.

"It's a somewhat grisly murder by murder standards," said Foster, adding, "These are definitely dangerous people, especially Arlen Price."

The men are described as extremely dangerous and armed. They were sighted in South Salt Lake on Monday, and Price's small station wagon was found in the driveway of the house.