A Utah bounty hunter and his partner were jailed in Grand Junction for investigation of burglary after a Denver man was seized in his apartment in an attempt to take the man to Salt Lake City.

Denver police Sgt. Gordon Reed said Andy Cadwell, 21, was found Thursday by Grand Junction police. He was pajama-clad but safe in the back seat of a car. Reed said Cadwell was wanted in Salt Lake City on a misdemeanor driving-under-the-influence charge with a $1,500 bond.Mike Weddington and Terry Mansfield were being held after the door to Cadwell's Denver apartment was broken down and Cad-well was handcuffed and driven 250 miles west to Grand Junction, Reed said.

Neighbors alerted Denver police, who put out a statewide description of a car that was spotted by Grand Junction police.

Reed said Weddington and Mansfield were being held under $50,000 bond each.

Gary Walton, owner of Beehive Bail Bonds in Salt Lake City, said he sent Weddington and Mansfield to Denver. Cadwell was being sought under a longstanding federal law, Walton said.

"Somewhere Denver got their wires crossed and failed to do their research," Walton said, adding that the powers of bounty hunters are greater than a police officer's. Walton said Mansfield was not a bounty hunter but merely a driver for Weddington.