An escapee from the Nevada judicial system who stabbed himself in the chest after being apprehended by the Utah Highway Patrol Thursday remained in serious condition Friday in University Hospital.

Federal and state officials in Nevada and Utah were exploring outstanding arrest warrants, investigating new charges and starting extradition proceedings Friday against Moab resident Larry Vigil, 32, who escaped from an Elko County deputy sheriff outside an Elko courtroom Tuesday. Vigil had just been sentenced to serve a 10-year prison term for vehicle burglary at the time of the escape.Salt Lake FBI spokesman Cal Clegg said his office is still waiting until Vigil is well enough for an interview. "There are just too many questions unanswered until we can sit down and talk with the subject himself. It might be another 24 hours of so before we can even get to him."

Vigil, in the meantime, remained under guard in the hospital's intensive care unit. A hospital spokesman said Vigil was refusing medical treatment for the stab wound.

Vigil is accused of taking a hostage, a 32-year-old Elko man, and forcing him to drive Vigil to Salt Lake City. Vigil was apprehended after the driver was stopped for speeding at the mouth of Parleys Canyon about 4:20 a.m. Thursday.

UHP Trooper Tony Garcia pulled a folding hunting knife from Vigil's chest.

Elko County sheriff's officials want Vigil back in Nevada to face his conviction there, but southern Utah police also want Vigil on several outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants, said Moab police investigator Doug Morck. A 12th Circuit Court clerk in Moab said Vigil's list of arrest warrants includes felony theft and drug-distribution offenses and a misdemeanor vehicle burglary charge.