Larry D. White's father wants to bring his only child's remains back to Indiana for burial when Utah authorities find his body.

Authorities believe a pair of severed legs found Feb. 22 in a grocery store trash bin outside Salt Lake City are those of White, a 1955 graduate of Fort Wayne North Side High School.Police have established no motive for the apparent dismemberment slaying and have made no arrests.

White's father, 75-year-old Dale White, waits for word from police in the apartment he shared with his son for the last three years.

"I just want to get him back whole so we can return to Fort Wayne and bury him in Lindenwood (Cemetery) next to his mother," White said earlier this week.

White last saw his son on Feb. 21. Two days later, he reported him missing. The day before, the legs had been found.

"We're fairly certain it's Larry Duane White," said Detective Dick Judd of the homicide division of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department. "But we can't say positively until tests are made."

White said he had identified his son's blood-stained sweater, shirt and eyeglasses that also had been found in the trash bin.

The younger White was a native of Fort Wayne and grew up on Rivermet Avenue.

His death shocked those who knew him in Fort Wayne, where he taught Sunday school for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"He was a regular churchgoer and liked to help his father in the genealogy library here," said Bishop Nelson Merkley. "Dale's eyesight was failing and Larry was his eyes.

"We can't imagine Larry being involved in anything that would put him in a situation where he'd be killed and cut up."

After graduating from high school, White attended Brigham Young University. Later, he moved to Salt Lake City, where he remained until the death of his mother, Winnie Oka White, in Fort Wayne in 1984.

"Larry came back to help me sell the house," his father said. "We moved back to Salt Lake City about three years ago."