Two men who tried to rob a man and woman instead stole the couple's 5-month-old son when the scared parents fled through a second-story window, police said. The robbers then tried to trade the baby for ransom.

The child, Mikhail Grant, was found uninjured when the suspects were arrested at a subway station 16 hours later as they tried to sell the baby back to the couple, police Inspector Richard Mayronne said Thursday."The baby appears to be in excellent shape," he said. "They're obviously not professional kidnappers. I consider them very low on the food chain, someone who would take a 5-month-old baby."

Mikhail's ordeal began early Thursday, when his father, Fynlass Grant, 27, returned home from his job as a livery driver.

Two men with automatic weapons pushed Grant into his Queens apartment, demanding cash and jewelry, police said.

When the men burst in, the baby's mother, Yvonne Grant, 26, who is pregnant, jumped out the second-story window, police said. She was treated for a broken ankle. Grant leaped out the same window, and one of the gunmen scooped up the baby.