Used car salesman Gary King, who owns King's Klean Kars in Bountiful, hopes he can hang on to his favorite truck, a 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super he has had three times in the past 10 years and a truck he calls the ultimate classic collectible.

King drives the beautiful, jade green truck back and forth to work and keeps it parked in his used car lot at 3187 S. Main St. where he can look at it. "It's a beautiful sight."They didn't make very many '72 Cheyennes and far fewer Supers in that vintage. It is a half-ton truck with a 350 engine, a short bed and short wheelbase, four-wheel-drive, air conditioning, a tilt wheel and lots of extras.

"More and more people are collecting and restoring 1971 and 1972 Chevrolet and GMC trucks because they are so well-designed, have a lot of steel in them, have good, high-compression engines and are fairly simple mechanically, so most people can keep them tuned up themselves. They don't have all the complicated electronic equipment on them that today's modern cars do."

King said he first saw the truck 10 years ago when his car lot was behind Larry Young's Barber Shop at 575 S. Fifth West, Bountiful.

"I saw the truck pull into a repair shop across the street and I fell in love with it immediately. I went over and asked the owner if he wanted to sell it. We made a deal and I paid him $2,700 for the truck.

"I worked on it and got the truck into great shape. I kept it three years and then, when business began to slump in the early 1980s I was forced to sell it. I got $5,500 for it but the profit I earned selling the car never made up for losing it."

King said he kept in touch with the owner and, when the owner wanted to sell the truck about three years ago, "I wanted to buy it. But I couldn't afford it at the time. I took the car in on my lot to sell it for the owner. What a temptation that was to look at that green beauty every day and want it and not be able to."

The used car dealer was able to sell the 1972 Chevrolet truck for $6,500 and everybody was happy, except King.

A few months ago, the truck's newest owner decided he wanted to sell the truck and approached King. "This time I had some money and I wasn't about to let the truck get away from me. I had to pay $5,500 for it, but it was well worth it. I'm getting it back into A-1 shape. I've already been offered $8,000 for it, but I'm not selling."