Singer Michael Jackson and his personal manager for five years, Frank Dileo, have severed their relationship, it was announced recently.

Dileo gave Jackson career guidance and direction since the pop superstar hit worldwide acclaim with his 1983 "Thriller" album, and he has been described as a father figure to the eccentric entertainer.Jackson and Dileo "have announced an amicable parting," said a terse statement from Jackson publicist Lee Solters. "I thank Frank for his contribution on my behalf during the past several years," the statement quoted Jackson as saying.

"That's all the information that was given to me," Solters said. "I asked a lot of questions and they said that's all we can tell you."

Dileo had been vice president of promotion for Jackson's record company, Epic, before being named the singer's manager. In that position, Dileo led a team of advisers that attended to the singer's business and personal needs.

The move was the second major management shakeup in popular music this year. In January, Prince fired his personal manager, his law firm and his business manager.

A few weeks before his severance, Dileo described his relationship with Jackson in fond terms.

"We go out together a lot at night," he said. "We go to record and clothing stores on Ventura Boulevard goofing around. We ride around looking at the sights. We have a ball."

Jackson just completed what the singer said would be his last concert tour, a 16-month worldwide jaunt tied to the release of Jackson's "Bad" album. The singer's next studio album isn't due before 1991.

Solters said "no comment" when asked whether Jackson's intention not to tour again had anything to do with the split.