When Deseret News staffer Dell Van Orden bronzes under the Hawaiian sun later this year, he might be awfully tempted to send fellow staffer JoAnn Jacobsen-Wells a postcard with a message reading something like, "Glad you're not here."

Jacobsen-Wells, you see, could have been in Hawaii herself. She'd originally earned the vacation by collecting the highest amount during last year's American Cancer Society's Jail-A-Thon.But during a twinge of journalistic integrity, Jacobsen-Wells wondered if she should take the trip, since most of the money she collected came from her reporting sources.

So Jacobsen-Wells decided to use the trip to raise even more money for the Cancer Society and persuaded the Deseret News management to sponsor a staff drawing to give the trip away. As a result, the Cancer Society is $535 richer (in unsolicited Deseret News donations), and Van Orden is Hawaii bound.

Van Orden, who is the editor of the paper's Church News section, attributes his winning to righteous living and connections with the "man upstairs." The rest of the staff attributes it to dumb luck.

Oh by the way, the Cancer Society's parting message for Van Orden: Be careful not to get too much sun.