Virginia Leahy has been an important part of St. Joseph's Villa since she first volunteered there, 30 years ago. The charter member of the volunteer corps was also its first president and has been dedicated to the work ever since.

"She impresses us because she continued to volunteer even after becoming a widow in 1960," said Sister Mary Ambrose. "She had to work to support herself but continued to volunteer. And she has always been a willing worker."Louise Kilkenny added, "She does a terrific job with monthly birthday parties for the patients. She arranges for cards, favors, entertainment and refreshments. What a lift these special parties give to all the patients."

Although she has health problems, Leahy continues to call and visit several times a week, brightening St. Joseph's Villa with her caring.

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.

Teach adults to read. Training given March 11.

Type for Youth Detention Center. Computer skills helpful.

Donate fabric for quilts.

Give red fabric to make Santa Claus suit.

Donate baby clothes for fund-raiser. Will pick up.

Older volunteers (age 50 plus) to work with special-needs children. Training provided.

Type, file and take minutes at board meetings.

Drive a man to dialysis at VA Hospital one to three times a week.

Teach a refugee to speak English Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Lay carpet for Community Nursing Service.

Help senior citizens with medical appointments. Transportation provided.

Donate a wheelchair.

Give vacuum cleaner, snow shovel, tape recorder (to learn English), tables, chairs, dressers and cribs for newly arriving refugee families.

Provide large flower pots.

Give furniture to single-parent family.

Self-sufficiency program needs sewing machines.

Be an advocate for the Association for Retarded Citizens.

Help a blind teacher at University. Once a week.

Spanish-speaking volunteer needed to help with intervention for Rape Crisis Center.

Answer phones, do office work for Hospice program. Four to eight hours a week.

Train to work in hospice program. Training March 4.

Do research for Birthright. Flexible schedule. They also need a secretary with typing and organizational skills.

Work in MS Society office one-half or one day a week.

Read to the blind in their homes in Valley Fair Mall area.

Read and write letters for woman with severe arthritis.

Deliver children's books. Also read and tutor in shelters and other facilities.

Teach basic math and reading to high school students during school hours.

Help establish freshman soccer program.

Work on plans for Utah's centennial commission.

Offer parent-modeling and support to single mother, who has health problems and six children.

Take a senior citizen grocery shopping once a week in central city area.

Work in office of refugee center three to five hours a week.

Strengthen families in Family Enrichment Program. Training provided.

Play piano at residential center.

Work in hospital gift shop.

Help Heart Association with residential campaign.

Do data entry for American Red Cross.

Nurses needed at clinic twice a month.

Senior citizen musicians wanted to form a band.

Work in food pantry. Four-hour shifts.

Befriend recently homeless, borderline retarded adults. Training provided.

Work on fund-raising auction.

Prepare books for library circulation.

Provide television, play pen and high chairs to group home for homeless women and children. Also a basketball hoop.

Give children's caps, hats, mittens, boots and shoes, all sizes age 2-12.

Donate washer and dryer for refugee families living in a complex.

Provide telephones.

Give a VCR so that a number of newly arrived refugees can study VCR tapes to learn English.

Provide bath bars that fit over front end of tub.

Donate a camera to new mother.

Provide yarn to elderly woman who loves to crochet.

Give a pair of flat, broken-in size 5 shoes for quadriplegic woman.

Play piano at residential center.

Donate baby equipment and furniture to a shelter care program.

Give large pieces of fabric and batting for quilts. Also yarn.

Provide twin beds and household furniture for refugees.

Give elderly, lonely handicapped man a TV set.

Donate a wheelchair to an elderly woman who is blind.

Provide tables, chairs and cribs for newly arriving refugees.

Provide small garbage cans to office.

Donate large plastic garbage cans to refugee center.

Provide firewood for YWCA teen home.

Give baby furniture to home for teen mothers.

Donate large women's clothing (size 28 coat, 48 blouse).

Provide band instruments for Salt Lake Home.

Donate old brooms to correction center for broom hockey.

Provide firewood and kindling for quadriplegic.