The first jetload of Americans to touch down in the snowy outpost of Anadyr dashed around town for a few hours of sightseeing Thursday and left behind six adventurers preparing for a historic trek across the Bering Strait.

The American members of the Bering Bridge Expedition embraced six Soviets in bear hugs at the airport. A chilling 35-mph wind and 15-below-zero temperature did not stop 150 curious Soviets from watching the chartered Alaska Airlines jet land.The Soviets bused the American tourists - the six adventurers and 51 businessmen, journalists and sightseers who paid $1,000 each - over an ice road to town for feasting, folk dancing and speech-making.

Anadyr is the starting point for the expedition, a 1,200-mile trek by dogsled and skis up the Chukotka Peninsula and across the Bering Strait to Alaska.