To the editor:

Norman Cousins' name has been much in the news lately in connection with his pioneering work in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. Cousins teaches hope and optimism to individuals fighting illness.To the 1,500 people who attended his lecture here Dec. 5, Cousins also prescribed hope and optimism in the struggle against the world war system.

He called the overmilitarization of the U.S. and the USSR "insane." He proposed specific "therapies" for the Pentagon sickness and the Kremlin sickness: 1. Stop exaggerating the threat from the other side. 2. Recognize that security lies in the control of force, not the use of force. 3. Call a United Nations revision conference or a world constitutional convention to establish a federal government for the planet.

Cousins' recommendations are the common sense proposals of The World Federalist Association, which he serves as national president.

World Federalists say simply that global problems require global solutions. What global problems? For starters, ponder the fact that our planet is booby-trapped with 50,000 deployed, cocked, and aimed nuclear warheads. Next, consider the possibility that we might not need to fight the next war to lose it - how long can any economy or any society withstand the drain of megabillion dollars in military spending?

William J. Luttrell

World Federalist Association of Utah