City officials will not take a stand on the proposed incorporation of Vineyard until a feasibility study is completed by the Mountainlands Association of Governments.

The Orem City Council voted Tuesday to withhold judgment on the proposition, even though some people are concerned about the incorporation.City Manager Daryl Berlin detailed possible water problems, the impact a change in the area's agricultural nature would bring, and the effect incorporation would have on Geneva Steel.

The new town would encompass land from Geneva Road west to Utah Lake and from Eighth South in Orem to the Lindon City boundary.

Utah law stipulates that for an area to become a town it must have a population of 100 to 800. The approval process for town incorporation is less stringent than the process for a city. Residents of the proposed town must present a proposal to the county. If the county refuses to approve incorporation, the residents have the right to take the matter to court.

Vineyard's request has caught the attention of some Orem leaders, because the area has been investigated for annexation into Orem.

The water issue involves EPA standards on wells and sewers. Incorporation could also mean a reduced emphasis on agriculture for the area.

"The intent now is for the area to remain an agricultural area," Berlin said. "But I have a hard time believing that creating a town makes a whole lot of sense from a planning perspective."

Geneva Steel has expressed support for the incorporation plan. Fire protection would be provided by the steelmaker, while the county would provide police protection.

Mountainlands' analysis was commissioned by the Utah County Commission.