Research Industries Corp., the West Valley-based biomedical company, has signed a long-term agreement with the Bentley Laboratories division of Baxter Healthcare Corp. to supply cardiovascular drainage and cooling catheters.

RIC President Gary L. Crocker said the catheters will be coated by Bentley with its proprietary coating to reduce blood clotting and will be sold to hospitals worldwide in kit form with Bentley heparin-coated disposables in a complete bypass surgery blood circuit.This new heparin-coated system will be the first open-heart bypass blood circuit in which all components touching blood are coated with a proprietary anti-clotting agent, he said.

During the term of the agreement, Bentley/Baxter won't manufacture for sale these drainage and cooling catheter products. The agreement allows RIC to continue selling its existing line of non-heparin coated catheters through its current distribution system.