It won't be long before Provo and several other south Utah County cities have their own landfill now that city councils are taking initial steps to establish a solid-waste district.

In a public hearing Tuesday, Provo City Council members passed a resolution of intent to establish the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District.Four other cities - Spanish Fork, Springville, Salem and Mapleton - also are in the process of holding their first public hearings on the matter.

Provo City Attorney Gary Gregerson said the district will not be officially established for four to five weeks, when a protest hearing is held after all cities have held their first public hearings.

Provo spearheaded the idea for a new landfill because the city's current dump is full. City officials have encouraged other cities to join and share costs in the $6.5 million landfill, which will be constructed to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

"We think this is something that needs to be done," Mayor Joe Jenkins said. "We think it won't be long before the balance of Utah County will join in on the project."

To operate the landfill, a special improvement district will be organized. Each city participating in the district will contribute to funding in relation to the amount of garbage dumped at the landfill.

Provo has allotted $3.8 million to the district because the city expects to contribute about 73 percent of the refuse to the landfill.

The landfill is southwest of Utah Lake, 51/2 miles north of Elberta. A transfer station will be located somewhere between Provo and Spanish Fork.