New board members for the Association of Involved Merchants have been announced by President Thone Heppler, as well as the development of six ad hoc committees to assist downtown businesses.

Board members include Dennis Morganson, Pullman Bed and Breakfast; Gary House, Smith's Food King; Stewart Hughes, Piper, Jaffray and Hopwood; Alan Tipton, Utah Office Supply; Trieste Goodwill, Joe Vera's; Will Feller, Goldsmith Jewelry; and Midge Johnson, consumer representative.Ex-officio members include Margaret Firmage, Women's Division of the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce; and Raylene Ireland and Ron Madsen, both Provo City.

Heppler, of Zions Bank, will continue to serve as president, with Linda P. Walton serving as executive director.

Board members participate in the association by heading an ad hoc committee each year, by supporting downtown promotions and activities, by attending monthly board meetings and by organizing personal visits to each of the 750 association members in the downtown district.

The purpose of the association is to increase communication between businesses, to improve the downtown image and business climate, and to enhance development and redevelopment by bringing new businesses into Provo and by encouraging expansion of existing businesses.

For further information regarding the association, contact Linda Walton, 25 N. University, Suite 180, 374-5449.