A few guys pitched in last week to buy their old pal, police Sgt. William Pedchenko of Providence, R.I., a new baseball jacket for his 40th birthday. But on Monday, Pedchenko's birthday, they weren't all around to celebrate with him.

At least two of the guys were back in jail, Pedchenko said. A few days after getting his birthday present, he arrested one on an outstanding warrant, and he helped arrest the other on a charge that the man had violated probation.Pedchenko said he's been arresting these guys since they were kids.

"They love me, though, you know. What can I say?" Pedchenko said Tuesday after modeling the white and black cotton jacket, which is covered with patches stamped "Street Commander" and "Task Force."

He declined to identify the men.

Capt. Lloyd Allen, the night patrol commander, said he's never seen anything like this.

"I guess he treats them like gentlemen instead of like the scum that they are," Allen concluded.