To the editor:

We at Mountain View Hospital would like to express our appreciation to Bud Patten and Joe Cannon of Geneva Steel and also Roy Benson for their help with the snow removal from the Mountain View Hospital entrances and parking lots.As all of you are aware, Utah County received some of the heaviest snowfall that we have experienced in the past years in recent weeks. The snow was piling up faster than our maintenance crews could scrape.

That is when Roy Benson from Keigley Quarry came to our rescue. After getting permission from Mr. Cannon and Patten, Mr. Benson, using heavy machinery, was able to clear the snow and provide valuable access to the hospital in a matter of four hours.

It is nice to know that Geneva Steel and Keigley Quarry are truly civic and community-oriented. We appreciate their help in our time of need.

Michael A. Graham, administrator

Mountain View Hospital