A murder trial has been set for May 24 for a man who was earlier found incompetent to stand trial for the beating death of his wife.

Duane Hobart, 25, of New York, was taken to the Utah State Hospital for treatment last January, but he was brought back last week because officials determined he now could aid in his own defense.

Hobart was arrested late last year after he walked into the police station with his young son and told officials he had just killed his wife.

Police went to the couple's apartment where they found Brenda Hobart, 24, dead in her bed. Her head had been beaten with a lamp and a bedpost.

Hobart allegedly told police that he had to kill his wife because she was part of a national cult whose members molested and killed children.

During a competency hearing in January, two court-appointed psychiatrists testified that Hobart told them the same story and also told them that when Hobart was a baby, someone placed a device in his head to control him.

Hobart has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Defense attorney Bernard Allen said Friday that his client is aware of the second degree murder charge against him.

"He's competent to stand trial but he still suffers from delusions," Allen said.