Utah State University has its highest-ever spring quarter enrollment.

The university has 10,964 students enrolled, up 301 or 2.8 percent over 1987. The previous record was 10,699 in spring 1986.Continuing a trend, enrollment of Utah residents is up and that of non-residents is down. Resident enrollment is 9,306, up 362 or 4 percent. Out-of-state students number 1,658, down 61 or 3.5 percent.

Another continuing trend is for more part-time students, thus lowering the number of full-time equivalent students registered. Full-time equivalent enrollment this spring is 8,175, down 28 or .3 percent.

This spring, 4,760 women are enrolled, up 149 or 3.2 percent, and there are 6,204 men, up 152 or 2.5 percent.