Although pleased with his work, Gov. Norm Bangerter will not reappoint Gary Webster to the state Board of Pardons when his term expires Tuesday.

Webster, a longtime employee of the Department of Corrections, was appointed to the board six years ago by then Gov. Scott M. Matheson. Bangerter wants to replace Webster with one of his own appointees, officials said.Unlike some state boards, the law requires no political diversity on the Board of Pardons.

"The governor has nothing against Gary," said Stephen Mecham, director of the governor's committee on criminal and juvenile justice. "If fact, he was very complimentary of the work Gary's done."

Bangerter and his staff were in Washington, D.C., Monday and could not be reached for comment.

The Board of Pardons is a three-member tribunal that decides whether to parole eligible state prisoners. Three temporary replacements will take turns filling in for Webster until the governor appoints a new full-time member.

Bangerter will choose from a list of four finalists. They are Jeff Galli, warden of the state prison's young adult corrections facility; Don Blanchard, an adult probation and parole administrator; Myron March, director of field operations for the Corrections Department; and Ken Shul-sen, director of administrative services for the department and a former state prison warden.