The most recent Soil Conservation Service statistics show the water content in the winter snowpack is near - but still below - average in for most northern Utah river drainages.

State water officials have said all winter long that the averages needed to be higher than normal to make up for below-normal snowfall during the past two winters. Water content in the snow accumulations is 88 percent of average statewide.Only the Ogden-Weber drainage is reporting above-average levels in northern Utah with readings of 110 percent on Feb. 21. Mountain areas feeding the Provo River, Utah Lake and Jordan River are 96 percent of average; and the Bear River drainage is 95 percent of average.

West of the Wasatch Front, the mountain snowpack in the Tooele Area is 72 percent of average. The Duchesne River drainage, east of the Wasatch Front, reports 89 percent of average.

Statistics in southern Utah are similar. The Green River area is above average at 101 percent and the Virgin River area is 98 percent of average. But other drainages are even farther below average than northern Utah mountains: Sevier River, 90 percent; Price-San Rafael, 81 percent; and Escalante River, 68 percent.