The "Bundy Summit" at FBI headquarters in Quantico, Va., last week was educational but did little to solve any additional Utah homicides or disappearances of young women.

Investigators from several states met to compare notes on serial killer Ted Bundy, who was executed Jan. 24 for the murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Leach of Lake City, Fla.But Salt Lake County sheriff's officials came back with no new evidence to suggest Ted Bundy committed more than five homicides in Utah, said Detective Dennis Couch.

In the days before his execution, Bundy told an FBI agent he killed 30 women, including eight in Utah.

"We can only put five on Bundy," said Couch.

During an interview with Couch, Bundy indicated responsibility for the murders of Nancy Wilcox, Melissa Smith, Debi Kent and Laura Ann Aime. Just before being led to the electric chair, Bundy added a fifth Utah victim, believed to be Debbie Sue Curtis.

Salt Lake police detective Jim Bell is looking into possibility that Bundy may have killed Debbie Smith, whose body was found west of the airport in April 1976. "We're still in limbo on the Debbie Smith one," Bell said. "We're going to wait for a time chart. We haven't come up with anything on Bundy, but we haven't ruled anything out, either."

Couch said the Bundy Summit was beneficial to the FBI's serial killer profiling program. The summit also helped California and Oregon police eliminate Bundy as a suspect in some of their unsolved cases, the detective said.