Salt Lake police are investigating a report of man wearing a Tooele police uniform who requested sexual favors from a guest at a downtown hotel.

A Salt Lake man and his friends had rented a room Saturday night at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 600 S. West Temple, according to a police report. About 3 a.m. Sunday, a man knocked on the door and was let in the room.The partiers thought the man was hotel security and then noticed the Tooele City Police patches, the report said.

The man, described as about 30 years old with long brown hair, said he was transporting a prisoner and was staying in the hotel. The man said that because he was off duty, it was OK to party.

He asked to speak in the hall with the 22-year-old man, who returned and said the suspect demanded "sexual favors," the report said.

Tooele Police Chief Jess Petersen said he has no idea who the police impersonator was.

"(The impostor) doesn't fit the description of any of our past or present officers. We're totally at a loss as to how anyone could have got hold of one of our uniforms."