The cargo door that ripped off a Boeing 747 over the Pacific had electrical problems in recent months, according to an investigator. The pilot's daughter says her father had planned to retire after the trip.

Capt. David M. Cronin's retirement party is less than two weeks away and "now, we will have another reason to celebrate," said his daughter, Kelly Hart of Hawaii.Investigators looking into Friday's accident have focused on the latching mechanism of the cargo door that tore off and left a 10-by-20-foot hole in the side of the 18-year-old plane.

In December, electrical problems were reported more than once in the airline's maintenance logs and the forward cargo door had to be closed manually, National Transportation Safety Board investigator Lee Dickinson said late Monday.

In January, a seal on the cargo door was repaired, he said.

Dickinson said he did not know whether those incidents required reports to the Federal Aviation Administration. He also refused to characterize the seriousness of the problems.