One day after the sale of the Cowboys to Arkansas oilman Jerry Jones was announced, many Cowboys fans rallied behind fired Coach Tom Landry.

Phone lines lit up at radio call-in shows as the transaction - dubbed by The Dallas Morning News as "the most dramatic and emotional story in the history of Dallas sports" - became the talk of the town."We love that guy, even though we make criticisms," said Darlene Hodges of Dallas, a Cowboys season ticket holder. "They could have made the deal, which probably needed to be done, and treated him with more respect."

The Dallas Times Herald, conducting its weekly Sound-Off poll of reader opinion, asked whether the changes would bring more fans to Cowboys games. Results of the unscientific poll indicated that 80.6 percent of callers said "No."

"Mr. Landry was the Cowboys," said one caller, Barbara Fife of Fort Worth. "You cannot separate the two."

Some fans were glad to see Landry leave, saying the team's losing seasons during the past three years signaled the need for change.

"I think it's time for a change," said Chuck Kirby of Dallas.

"I think it's time to get rid of Landry," said Bill Long of Springtown.