After eight hours of sandblasting, cleanup crews have removed almost all the graffiti a vandal spray painted on the outside of the State Capitol last week.

Jack Quintana, assistant state facilities management director, said Monday the cleanup will cost a little more than $1,000, considerably less than originally estimated.Meanwhile, no one has been arrested in connection with the vandalism, although law enforcement officials said they have a suspect in mind. Officials do not believe a homeless woman who claimed responsibility the morning after the graffiti was discovered. The graffiti spelled out messages about the homeless and the perceived lack of government support.

Abrasive Blast Co. of West Valley City removed the paint using a mixture of air and fine sand. Paint remains on the stone lions near the east and west doorways of the building. The lions, already coated with an acrylic paint, will have to be repainted, Quintana said.

The painting was done sometime late Thursday or early Friday.