Utah County sheriff deputies arrested two men after buying marijuana worth $96,000 - the sheriff's department's largest drug bust ever - in the parking lot of the Albertson's grocery store, 560 W. Center St.

A third person also involved in the drug sale was arrested a short time later at his Provo residence.Names of the individuals are being withheld until charges are filed Monday. The men were booked into the Utah County Jail, two for distribution of a controlled substance for value and the third for arranging the sale of a controlled substance, all first-degree felonies.

An undercover investigation into drug-related activities has been going on for several weeks and culminated Friday evening at 11 p.m. when deputies purchased 43 pounds of marijuana for $31,725 from the two men. Upon receipt of the drugs, deputies arrested the men and retrieved the money.

The marijuana had a street value of $96,000 and represents the largest buy-bust made by the sheriff's department. Fourteen deputies, 10 Provo police officers and a K-9 dog were used in the operation.