Former major league baseball manager Billy Martin, whose career has been colored by repeated controversies, will make his stage debut this weekend in Binghamton, N.Y., as - what else - the bad guy.

On Saturday, Martin will tell the story of famous outlaw Billy the Kid while the Binghamton Symphony Orchestra performs Aaron Copland's "Billy the Kid Suite." It's part of a performance called "Bernstein, Broadway and Billy.""You can see the great connection," said conductor John Covelli. "Billy doing Billy."

The former New York Yankees skipper purchased a farm in nearby Fenton last September after developing an affection for the hilly and forested region near the Pennsylvania border.

"It's kind of our welcome to him and his way of saying hello back," said Nancy Marshall, the symphony's executive director.

Martin has been fired as Yankees manager five times in a revolving-door relationship with team owner George Steinbrenner.