President Reagan said Tuesday that "no policy or decision" he's made has been influenced by astrology, although published reports said his wife relies on them to help determine his schedule.

One newspaper said that Mrs. Reagan had insisted on the date and time for the signing of the U.S.-Soviet treaty eliminating intermediate-range nuclear missiles after consulting an astrologer.Meanwhile, a Los Angeles astrologer asserted in an interview that Reagan "has used astrology throughout his career, using astrology to pick his inauguration and other big events."

The astrologer, Joyce Jillson, also claimed she helped Reagan's first presidential campaign choose George Bush as his running mate. She did not provide specific evidence to back up her claim.

Former White House chief of staff Donald T. Regan, in a new book, claims Mrs. Reagan turned to astrologers to help determine the president's schedule.

Reagan, asked about the reports while signing a proclamation in the Roosevelt Room, said he was making it a policy not to comment on books by former White House staffers.

However, he added, "no policy or decision in my mind has ever been influenced by astrology."

Asked if astrology played a part in shaping his schedule, Reagan said with a smile, "You know I'm still looking for the fellas that tell me every day what I'm going to do."

On Capitol Hill, House Speaker Jim Wright was asked what he thought about the Reagans using astrologists. He replied with a grin: "It's all right with me. I'm glad he consults somebody."

"We should check whether (astrologer) Jeanne Dixon recommended a veto of the trade bill," added House Majority Whip Tony Coelho, D-Calif.

Wright added, "It's a full moon out there. Now that's what brings the crazies out."