Salt Lake County sheriff's detectives Saturday were back in Utah from a meeting with other investigators probing the murderous legacy of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Bundy was executed last month in the Florida electric chair for the killing of a 12-year-old school girl in Lake City, Fla. Before his death, the killer, described as charismatic and cunning, gave law enforcement information on a series of slayings authorities believed he committed.Sheriff's detective Jerry Thompson, who investigated Bundy in the 1970s, and detective Dennis Couch, who interviewed the killer one day before his execution, met with investigators from around the nation to piece together clues from killings believed connected to the one-time University of Utah law student.

Sheriff Pete Hayward said the men returned to Salt Lake on Saturday but he had not been in touch with them. The detectives were to contact the sheriff "especially if they found something that would have affected one of our cases."

Bundy confessed to eight murders in Utah. Law enforcement authorities corroborate his involvement in the deaths of five women. "The other three are what we're concerned about," Hayward said.

The meeting, nicknamed the Bundy Summit, was held in Quantico, Va., and included investigators from Salt Lake City and County and several states.

The detectives met "to compare notes and pick each other's brains about what may have come up those last few days they were in Florida," Hayward said. "Hopefully, there was a pattern or some evidence to establish" connections with the unsolved homicides.

"We'll have a conference first thing Monday morning with the investigators and the other investigators in our homicide unit to put together whatever they got there in perspective," the sheriff said.