You'd better think twice before putting another log on the fire. Burn that one and you may not be able to get another one.

The long, cold winter has depleted firewood supplies in parts of Utah and Idaho."We're right out of wood. We don't have anything left," said Dennis Peake, a salesman for Wasatch Shadows Nursery, 9295 S. 255 West.

"We've been out of it for about two weeks," said Paula Grover, a sales clerk for Allied Development, 6400 S. State. "When we run out, we usually don't have trouble getting it back in. But this year it's been really hard to get it back in."

State Stone Corp, 4640 S. Third West, just got a new truckload in. But it may be their last.

"We are just about out," said State Stone's Ardith MacKay. "It seems like everyone is out of wood here in the valley and people are still wanting to burn."

That's the problem. If it were warm outside and the snow was gone, no one would care that there's not a spare twig to be found. But it's still winter, folks, and some people would like to keep those home fires burning for another two or three weeks.

The retailers interviewed said firewood consumption soared during the cold snap earlier this month. But they didn't know why they were having such a hard time getting wood.

"A lot of guys promised us they would bring wood and never did," Peake said.

"We have not had as many people come and try to sell it to us as we have had in other years," MacKay said.

"A few of our suppliers couldn't get wood into us because of the weather," Grover said.

The scarcity hasn't affected prices yet. All three retailers said their prices are about the same as they were last year. But it has driven up costs in other areas. Prices in eastern Idaho are at their highest level since 1985, ranging up to $100 a cord in Pocatello.

Gayle Anderson, a firewood dealer in Pocatello, said a few cords of wood are still available around the region, but stockpiles are mostly gone.

"We've run out of wood, and my supplier is just about out," he said. "We are getting a lot of calls from people who haven't ordered from us before," he said. "Everybody is just searching around for wood."