The new $2.4 million 2nd District Juvenile Court building was dedicated Friday morning.

Gov. Norm Bangerter and Utah Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Howe were on hand to give brief remarks during the ceremony. The governor said he was pleased to be invited, and said the new facility was needed in a community where juvenile crime was on the rise."This building does represent a lot of effort by a lot of people," Bangerter said. "Our criminal justice system is important."

Justice Howe said the building was a "dignified" place where youthful offenders would walk away with the impression that they indeed had been in court. "More and more of our children are being exposed to the court system," Howe said. "Hopefully, lessons will be learned here to send them on the right path."

Juvenile Court Judge Kent Bachman said during the dedication ceremony that between 30 and 40 juveniles appear in the court every day. "The juvenile court is a needed court," he explained. He said it serves three purposes: to function as a place for punishment, rehabilitation and education.