Salt Lake County sheriff's detectives have no reason to believe that the pair of severed legs found in a dumpster Wednesday are not part of a homicide.

Detective Dick Judd said Friday that the legs, cut just below the hip, did not come from a hospital or medical school."They were not surgically removed. But someone had a good, sharp saw."

A man rummaging through the trash behind Smith's Food King, 851 E. 45th South, discovered the limbs about noon Wednesday.

Preliminary examinations determined the legs had been cut a few hours earlier but after the victim had died.

Detectives also believe the legs belong to a large Caucasian male but are awaiting laboratory tests to confirm sex, race, age and other identifying factors.

Judd said missing-persons reports are starting to trickle in.

"Hopefully, we can identify whose legs they are. If you can't identify the victim, you don't have a crime. It would be easier if we'd found an arm because then we could have gotten fingerprints."