is believed to be the person whose legs were found Wednesday in a trash receptacle behind a Salt Lake County grocery store.

Larry Duane White, 51, was last seen Monday and was reported missing by his father on Tuesday, according to Salt Lake police reports.Now sheriff's detectives are investigating his disappearance as a homicide, hoping to find the rest of the body.

On Wednesday, a pair of legs were discovered in a garbage bin behind Smith's Food King, 851 E. 45th South. Found near the legs were a sweater, a shirt sleeve and a pair of glasses.

The sweater belongs to White, according to his father, Dale White, who viewed the clothes on Friday, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Ben Forbes. A scar on one of the legs was also believed to be the scar that White had on one of his legs.

The lieutenant said the identification is tentative, pending laboratory tests. Detectives are contacting an Indiana hospital, where White was born, to obtain baby footprints, which would be compared with footprints taken from the legs.

The state medical examiner's office and state crime laboratory are attempting to type the blood recovered from the legs. Detectives are trying to find out what White's blood type is for comparison.

According to detectives, the legs, clad only in socks, were cut cleanly just below the hip not long after the victim was killed. A sharp saw was used but the cut was not done under surgical conditions.

A man rummaging through the trash bin found the legs, wrapped in plastic garbage bags, about noon Wednesday.

Detectives have no suspects and no idea why someone would want to kill White. Forbes said White had no criminal record and there is no reason to believe White was involved in any criminal activity.

Police are trying to locate White's car, a 1972 Oldsmobile Royal, Utah license plate 552-BEH.