As of July 1, the city of Kaysville will be out of the justice and court business. The City Council voted Tuesday to abolish its justice court as of that date, joining the state's circuit court system instead.

City Manager John Thacker said Kaysville has been looking at joining the 2nd Circuit Court system for some time, as growth has increased the number of court cases handled by the city.The nature of the cases has also changed, Thacker said, from handling mostly minor traffic infractions and speeding tickets to more serious crimes that should be handled by a circuit or district court.

A circuit court judge will be on the bench two days a week under the new system, he said.

Operating its own justice of the peace court meant all the fines went directly to the city, minus the judge's salary and court upkeep, Thacker said.

By joining the circuit court system, the city will keep only a percentage of the fines, but the state will also pay the city rent for the court facility, Thacker said, estimating the revenue level to Kaysville will stay about the same.

And, if the city finds it doesn't like being part of the circuit court, it can eventually cancel the contract and re-establish its justice court, he said.