A majority of Navajo Tribal Council members will continue boycotting its proceedings until after a court hearing on the status of beleaguered Chairman Peter MacDonald, a spokesman for the faction says.

Because opponents of MacDonald stayed away Wednesday from the council's winter meeting, fewer than the 45 needed for a session were present.The council voted 49-13 last week to place MacDonald and Vice Chairman Johhny R. Thompson on paid administrative leave because of corruption allegations against MacDonald.

However, a tribal judge who is MacDonald's brother-in-law on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order against the council based on the possibility that the council's vote violated procedure.

Tribal District Judge Harry Brown of Kayenta, who is married to the sister of MacDonald's wife, planned a Friday hearing on the issue.

MacDonald has been under congressional investigation, and members of the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs have turned over bribery and fraud allegations to the U.S. Justice Department.