The Davis School Board will not require teachers to sign their names to a controversial administrator evaluation form.

The form, developed by a group of teachers and administrators, was of concern to teachers who feared reprisals if they scored their principals and assistant principals low. Some principals and Board Member Bob Thurgood argued that teachers ought to stand behind what they say in evaluations."There is a trust between teachers and administrators. By allowing anonymity to come forth we are eroding that trust," Thurgood, who cast the only dissenting vote against the form, said. "If teachers have sufficient concerns they ought to have the guts to put their names on it."

Board member Ray Briscoe, a professional researcher, said he knows of no organization that conducts "good" surveys and doesn't keep the respondents anonymous.

Board member Louenda Downs, a former school teacher, said she believes that if teachers were required to sign their names that they wouldn't write totally candid comments because they might fear for their jobs.

The evaluation survey will be completed every year by each member of the school faculty. A second survey will also be completed by members of the local PTA board and administrators will be interviewed by area directors Russell Olson and Nancy Fleming. Principals will also be required to submit yearly goals to the area directors.

Superintendent Richard Kendell said he hopes the evaluation system can serve as a model in improving other district evaluation systems.


Evaluation of principals, assistant principals

Five areas of rating:

- Instruction

- Leadership

- Communications

- Human relations

- Management