The Brigham City Eagles club lodge has agreed to pay a $500 fine and $1,500 restitution in a guilty plea to gambling charges.

The club surrendered its beer license at the Brigham City Council meeting earlier this month for alleged violations of city code and criminal laws, including gambling, a Class B misdemeanor, and nude dancing. The case stemmed from a police raid precipitated by a report of nude female dancing at a club party.In connection with the gambling allegations, a criminal complaint was filed against the Eagles lodge and four club members in 1st Circuit Court. Charges against three of the four members were dropped.

Lloyd C. Robinette pleaded no contest on Feb. 15 to gambling and was fined $500 by Circuit Judge Roger S. Dutson.

In addition to losing its city beer license for the next year, the club's state liquor license was revoked for three years.