A Post Falls woman, who says she "can do 60 push-ups on my knuckles," filed two complaints with the Idaho Human Rights Commission, claiming she was not hired as an Idaho State Police trooper because she is a woman and because she has diabetes.

Connie Martin, 37, an executive secretary with the Post Falls Police Department, was an ISP dispatcher from 1985 until February 1988."I just want to know the reason why I wasn't hired. Unless it's because I'm a woman or because I have diabetes, I don't know what the problem is," Martin said.

The ISP has been trying to hire more women and minority troopers the past few years, Lt. Col. Joseph Fisk said, but a lack of applicants has kept the numbers down. He said two of the department's 80 officers are women.

"I'd say that if a woman met all the minimum requirements she'd be hired," Fisk said. "Martin was not discriminated against because she is a woman or because she has diabetes."

Martin's charges come on the heels of ISP Cpl. David Cordova's announcement that he will file a complaint Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Boise, claiming he was passed over for promotions because he is Hispanic.

Fisk and ISP officials who interviewed and tested Martin refused to comment on why she was not hired, citing confidentiality rules.

Post Falls Police Chief Cliff Hayes said Martin had excellent recommendations from ISP when he hired her.

Deputy Attorney General Leslie Goddard said the ISP will have 30 days to respond after the complaints are delivered to the agency's Boise headquarters.

Based on ISP's response, the rights commission will decide if an investigation is warranted.

Martin had the third highest combined score among 150 applicants on a written and oral examination. Two of the successful applicants for the nine vacancies were women.

Martin said she passed all the ISP physical tests, which have identical standards for men and women.