The president-elect of the American Medical Association and a physician who retired from medicine to pursue a career in music were honored recently as Physicians of the Year of the LDS Hospital Medical Staff.

The prestigious awards went to Dr. Alan R. Nelson, an endocrinologist and internal medicine specialist, who in June will become president of the AMA, and Dr. Richard J. Nelson, an internal medicine specialist, who retired in December after practicing medicine for 35 years. He is devoting his time to musical composition, an interest he has been pursuing since childhood.The LDS Hospital medical staff and board of governors also honored four other doctors who retired from active practice in 1988. Presentations were made to:

- Dr. Sherman S. Brinton, the first ophthalmologist to perform a cornea transplant in Utah.

- Dr. Peter Gasperini, a native of Italy and anesthesiologist who gave 28 years of service to medicine, the last 10 at LDS Hospital.

- Dr. Harry G. Hicks, a pathologist who had been at LDS Hospital since 1962 and who will now work part time at Dixie Medical Center in St. George.

- Dr. Richard E. Johns, an obstetrician/gynecologist, who in 41 years of practice delivered more than 10,000 babies - including the grandchildren of some of his original patients.