Resignations in Utah Department of Community and Economic Development agencies and a reorganization in the Utah Division of Business and Economic Development have left several openings that need to be filled.

What the Legislature did with the department's budget Wednesday will go a long way toward determining what positions will be filled and at what level.David J. Grant, division of Business and Economic Development director, resigned several weeks ago but agreed to remain through the legislative session. He is looking to purchase a company or might want to start a new company.

Grant also has been the marketing director, and department officials don't know if they will be hiring two people or have the new director handle the marketing as Grant did.

The Legislature apparently has provided enough money for a chief administrative officer for the department, a new position.

Lynn H. Blake, who was hired to direct the Centers of Excellence program, has taken on the additional duties of director of business development. Department officials don't know if they will hire someone to direct the centers program.

David W. Adams, department executive director, also announced to the Utah Economic Development Board that Jerry Bond has resigned as director of Job Training for Economic Development. That job will be advertised.

Adams also announced that board member Ernest Durbano, an Ogden businessman, has resigned and his spot will be filled by Jerry H. Petersen, Ogden, owner of Overland West Inc., a Hertz Rent-a-Car franchise. Petersen also has 15 other Hertz franchises in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Arizona.