Students at Salt Lake Valley schools are engaged in some traditional winter activities and some special projects as well. Among them:

Waterford School, 1480 E. 94th South, a private facility, will hold open house March 1 from 7 to 9 p.m. The school has an innovative computer learning center. It has been cited by the U. S. Office of Education as one of the 12 best schools in the country for academic and technological excellence.Students at Lone Peak Elementary School, Sandy, are riding the Reading Railroad. The school hopes to tally 750,000 minutes of reading by its students during a 12-week period. The youngsters began recording their reading time Jan. 23 and will continue until April 3.

A train picture posted in the foyer adds a car for every 5,000 minutes and the cars are winding their way through the halls and library to remind everyone how the project is progressing. Some A total of 150 cars will be added if the school goal is achieved - a good indication that Lone Peak students are "on track."

Magna Elementary School first-graders learned more about first aid and other topics during a February unit that included a Health Fair.

Julie Andersen told students about emergency preparedness, poison control and how to get help in an emergency; Karen Tohinaka talked about shock, burns and drugs; Susan Taggart discussed swim safety, breathing problems and choking; and Becky Spaulding concentrated on fractures and bleeding.