The University of Utah department of bioengineering's Industrial Advisory Board will officially organize Friday at a meeting coinciding with National Engineering Week activities.

The board will advise the department on the long-term needs of their industries and offer recommendations on the directions of new educational programs. It will also assist in fund-raising efforts to provide fellowships for first-year graduate students.Board members are Richard Alder of Symbion, Inc.; Vince DeCaprio of Becton Dickinson, Criticare Monitoring; Gary Crocker of Research Industries Corp.; Peter Meldrum of NPI, Inc.; Gerald Nelson of Nelson Laboratories; George Sims of Albion Instruments; Earl Van Wagoner of Hoggan Health Industries, Inc.; Thomas A. Wiita of Catheter Technology Corp.; Larry Rigby of CardioPulmonics, Inc.; Lynn Blake, director of the State of Utah Centers of Excellence program; Peter Gerity, assistant dean of the University of Utah's College of Engineering; and Thomas Majors of the university's Office of Technology Transfer.