A huge crocodile called Bujang Senang, or King of Crocodiles, by river bank people attacked and ate a fisherman - its 13th victim in 10 years, newspapers reported Thursday.

The New Straits Times and Star dailies quoted Police Superintendent Nathan Ha as giving this account on Wednesday:Brian Tunging, 45, and four other people were fishing Monday in two small boats in the River Muara Sungei Antek, about 600 miles southeast of Kuala Lumpur, when the beast attacked the boat on which Tunging was standing alone.

As Tunging fell, the reptile and two smaller ones ripped into his thighs and stomach. Police and the other four fishermen found his remains three hours later.

"There were teeth marks on the boat indicating the jaws struck the boat," Ha said.

The crocodile has been described by those who have seen it as being about 23 feet long and more than 3 feet wide.

Last Chrismas Eve, Bujang Senang attacked a farmer who was fishing in the river and escaped with slight injuries.

While there have been other incidents, the last victim Bujang Senang killed before Tunging was Badong Apong, 51, on Sept. 27, 1984.