A high school honors student handed over a gun to an assistant principal. "I've had a bad day," the teenager said.

Back home lay the bodies of his parents and two sisters.Clay Shrout, a "really weird" 17-year-old who neighbors said built pipe bombs at home and dressed entirely in black, was jailed on murder charges Thursday and placed under a suicide watch.

Walter Harvey Shrout, 43; his wife, Becky, 44; and their daughters, Kristen, 14, and Lauren, 12, were found shot to death on or near their beds in the Shrouts' home in this well-to-do Cincinnati suburb.

A neighbor and classmate, Dave Suarez, said Shrout had been depressed after a girlfriend rejected him, had boasted of taking drugs and began having problems with his parents.

Shrout hadn't given a hint of trouble until last week, when he brought a stun gun to school, said Randy Cooper, principal at Ryle High School. School officials assigned him 50 hours of community service.

His parents had punished him by forbidding him to drive his pickup truck or listen to heavy metal or alternative rock music, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

"He figured he was the one getting all the blame for everything," Suarez told the paper. "He was just tired of it. He was tired of being depressed."

Shrout apparently went from room to room in his house and shot his family shortly after 5 a.m., police said.